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Welcome to Art Make It Real's 2017 Paint Your Town art contest. Congratulations to all of the young artists.

Winning paintings are listed below.

Be sure to browse the entire Paint Your Town gallery to see some amazing art.

Click HERE for the full gallery.

6-8 Year Old Category
LakeRippleinGrafton8yearsold ShawFarmBarninSutton7yearsold
3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
9-11 Year Old Category
StoneArchBridgeacrossBlackstoneCanalinUxbridge11yearsold WestboroughLibrary10yearsold
2nd Place
1st Place 3rd Place
12-15 Year Old Category
GraftonCommon13yearsold TownofWestboroughCityHall12yearsold
2nd Place 3rd Place
1st Place

2018 Art Make It Real.

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